Thursday, February 21, 2008


Sekarang aku mulai buka-buka buku basa inggris lagi. Bukannya apa-apa; my TOEFL score wa WARUI da yo! Dari tiga kali tes latian pake program TOEFLprep dan Baron, blom ada perkembangan sama-skali dibanding 4 taon lalu pas awal masuk kul. Wah, bisa dibilang dosen basa inggrisku gagal dong ya? hehehe.. (*melemparkan batu pada orang yang tidak bertangan! Maksud pun apakah?!?) Yup, brikut ini esai yang kutulis di bagian writing. Edun, udah puyeng-puyeng nulis, eh sama si Baron gak dinile.. (*bahkan Baron pun mengerti sampah macam apa yang aku tulis.. sampe-sampe ga mau ngliat.. )

Many people enjoy participating in sports for recreation; others enjoy participating in the arts. Both activities are having benefits of their own. If people do sports as their recreation activities, they will be healthier than the people who participating in the arts. Futher more, with a healthier body, people can do more activities than before. So, in the end, they can increase their life quality and reduce their stress. Many recreational sports can be done in no cost, so it is more economic. There are possibilities to do recreational sports in groups that will increase their social life.

The arts give a relaxational feeling to the mind, so that people can reduce their stress and free their psycologycal burden. Arts also provide an aesthetical feeling that build people's sense and grow their creativity. As a hobby, artistic activity can be enjoyed while we creating something good for others. By discussing people's art project with other artists, people can communicate and increase their knowledge and social life. Of course, most artistic activities need some money to be invested, which for some people used as business it self to get wealthy.

It would be good if people do both sport and art. But, for some reason, people will choose the one that more represent their hobby. In my opinion, participating sports will be easier and healhtier for common people because it need no special budget and not everyone having good aesthethical sense.

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