Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Nyampah Weekzz,,

Hum, nonton persediaan dorama yang harus segera didondon
dorama lagi
dorama lagi
nyampahin blog
trus maen gambar dikit

I found this life is funny somehow
isn't it obvious
but, hum yeah..
the more obvious it is,
the more.. doubtful

membaca autobiografi padahal bukan-nya RPF,
huikz, i just can't stop it =(
datte, another works ga arimasu..
I'll try to complete it later on
wish my english is better than a mere
back about da e-book :D
tanoshii na, to read those kind of thing..

well, i just finished my JWD tBC,
hikz, in the last page I just feel like: hoooyy.. please.. why..
why.. why the story ends here =p
u know, may be it will take sometime (*or a while longer*) for me to take (*or get*) another JWD's hikz hikz..

well, my roommate don't seem to like this kind of book (*genre suspense thriller, science fiction thing... *)
demo katteta no yo.. atashi no tameni dake ;p
otanjoubi no gift kara
arigatou gozaimashita..

^-^; can't wait anylonger to read another book (*JWD, MC, etc.. the devil's teardrop, etc etc etc.. PAT's tetralogi pulau buru?*)

oke, let's recall little thing about this bone collector thing
well, it's seems so eFTe u know >> pengukuran dan analitik<<
material analysis, forensic (*hell yeah, out there the news still barking bout the 'jombang's jagal'; I thought the calling is a sadistic it self)
huhu.. too bad part is: the 'suspense' it self come out in the very last minutes (*in a very short quantities..*)
but it's so JWD ;p

the blue no where is far better, in my opinion

i thought I've fallen in love to this writers books
and I'm waiting to fall in love to your writings too, INDONESIAN WRITERS hello where are you..?
so when is Indonesia best SF novel will be printed?
Looking forward to be the first manuscript reader ;p

ini sama aja kayak postingan sebelumnya
who cares..

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