Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Death Penalty: A New Conscience (*at least for me*)

Right now I am watching The Life of David Gale on one of TV cable channel, a film about a man who's about to be executed. Well, the movie is still on, so I don't even know whether he's guilty or being framed, but he always claims that he's innocent. He depends his life to a reporter lady who is still digging for the truth. Well, for the sake of my writing target speed (?), I've just googling it and here's what I've found. Voila..

The movie went flash back and forth, but I think one of the point is, whether capital punishment is humane or it is nothing but legal murder? There are a lot of pros and cons on this matter. In US it is about 60% pros and the rest is against it. Well, anyway, I end up watching the movie and abandoned this note, haha. The film is a very ironic and tragic story, I think. . . This film remind me one of John Grisham's novel: The Chamber. The novel tells the story of a long missing grand son who strive to save his grand father from a gas chamber. Very sentimental. But it is interesting to put ourselves on another new point of view: it is easier to us to pros when there's no one of your own blood and bones there awaiting to be executed, in whatever methods. And it is never a pleasant task to do for the executor, anyway.

Eye for eye, teeth for teeth. That's the reasoning of the pros. The victims or the victims family have the right for retaliation. It is a good way to control the level of crime. Islamic law shows that. And I believe in it's greatness of it's values: it's good here, and here after. But then, there's this special rule, that turns good into great: forgiveness. Of course, it applies on special cases, which is a long course material to write here, as I am just too lazy to read and learn it right now :D *bleeeh* Please dig for more of Islamic laws on capital punishment. I got this link here, that I haven't review yet, but I hope it is "something".

There are people who said that there's no truth, only perception, perspective... but I think it's not the truth that we are challenged to get. It's about our best effort and approach to get the truth; which is, in my opinion, it is on Islamic rule. It is not about playing God, rather it is about playing on God's rule. And it is a big deal because:

.. flawed system will kill innocent people..

The conclusion is.. the death penalty is not for the dead one. It's never about the victim. It's about the living people who left behind: so the families can go on, so there're no more people who will do the same thing ever again and hurt others, so there would be a better world.. If the objective can be achieved without shedding any blood, then it is better. Please correct me if I am wrong.

#Oh yeah, don't get me wrong.
I wrote this in English not because of my capability nor my hobby, but for my sickness.
I am sick of this English autocorrect option :'( still can't find the setting.. whaaa... gaptek...
By the way, I used google transtool to help me out sometimes.. and it works great :'(
Ouch.. hate it.. when machine outmatch human..
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